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Virtual Reality (VR) technology is an exciting new tool that helps increase the effectiveness of psychotherapy. Evidence shows clear benefits for using VR as part of treatment for anxiety disorders—including fears and phobias—and many other mental health conditions. 

Therapists can use VR while working with clients in-office or via teletherapy. Teletherapy or telemedicine enables a therapist to work with a client who is in another location by using a private video link. During VR therapy, the therapist has the ability to monitor and control what the client is seeing and doing in virtual reality, while watching and speaking with the client. Consumers can use VR for self-help or therapists may suggest VR homework between sessions. 

Society for Virtual Reality Therapy (SVRT.org) is helping make VR therapy more accessible to therapists and consumers. Join SVRT by signing up for one of our Offers.

We 'soft launched' SVRT.org. Our VR therapy basics, therapist resources, and buyer’s guides are complete. However, we are still adding information to our product directories. Consequently, some product information may not be complete. Please verify details with the product vendor.

If you spot errors or have questions, please Contact SVRT. We will be adding more information in the future. 

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For Therapists

Virtual reality—using software specifically designed for therapy—provides a powerful tool which you can use to enhance treatment for many psychiatric conditions. VR is especially effective for treating anxiety issues and the anxiety component of complex cases.

Any therapist who treats anxiety should consider offering virtual reality and teletherapy because:

  • VR helps make anxiety treatment easier and more engaging. VR can be used to support therapy in multiple ways, when treating a variety of anxiety disorders, and with many different therapeutic techniques.
  • Motivated clients are actively seeking out therapists who offer VR therapy.
  • Teletherapy with VR works well and is more convenient for both clients and therapists because it eliminates travel time, parking hassles, and concerns about meeting in-person.
  • Teletherapy allows you to attract clients from the entire geographic area covered by your license, not just those who can come into your office. In fact, your 'office' can be almost anywhere.

 SVRT.org can help you decide if VR is appropriate for your practice, get started using VR, and connect with other therapists to share experiences with VR therapy.

SVRT.org offers:

Additional training classes and other resources will be added in the future. 

In addition, peer support is available from Dr. McMahon. Contact her via her website for details: Contact Dr. McMahon.

For Consumers

Virtual reality (VR) is a tool therapists can use to make treatment easier and more engaging. Research supports the use of VR in therapy and shows that VR offers specific benefits and advantages over other approaches.

VR can be used with teletherapy, where the client and the therapist are in different locations and communicate via video. Teletherapy can make therapy easier to get because a client does not have to visit the therapist's office. It also means that clients have many more options for finding a therapist.

If you think that VR therapy might be helpful to you, or someone you care about, please read: 


For Vendors

Vendors are invited to cooperate with SVRT.org in promoting the use of virtual reality for psychotherapy. This can help you attract new customers and grow your business.

SVRT.org offers vendors:

  • Product information display in our VR Therapy Products Directory
  • Education support: offer your training courses and materials on our state-of-the-art course management system.
  • Online community for VR therapists, including user groups for customers.
  • Blog and social media posts for sharing your product news and other announcements.

Your cooperation with SVRT.org is important to us and will help us provide accurate and current information for users. We strive to treat all vendors equally and fairly.

Please Contact SVRT to learn more about how we can work together and the potential benefits for your organization and your customers.


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Virtual Reality Therapy for Anxiety: A Guide for Therapists

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