About the

Society for Virtual Reality Therapy

The Society for Virtual Reality Therapy (SVRT.org) promotes the responsible use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) for psychotherapy by providing high quality information resources for therapists and consumers. 

SVRT.org is a service of Hands-on-Guide, a publishing company.


The Society for Virtual Reality Therapy was founded by Chuck Ehrlich in 2020 as part of Hands-on-Guide. Chuck has an extensive background in engineering and business consulting, entrepreneurship, and teaching.

Prior to founding Hands-on-Guide, Chuck taught e-business in the MBA program the University of San Francisco and founded Lymph Notes, a specialty publisher serving people with lymphedema. Chuck received his BS in engineering and MS from Case Western Reserve University, an MBA from University of San Francisco, and a certificate in bio-entrepreneurship from University of California at Berkeley.