Free Needle Phobia Training and more!

Overcoming fear of needles can be lifesaving. Learn how virtual reality (VR) makes needle phobia treatment easier and more engaging, including how to use VR in person or with teletherapy.

This is a great way to get started with VR therapy.

Anyone who treats anxiety should consider offering VR and teletherapy because:

  • VR helps make anxiety treatment easier and more engaging. VR can be used to support therapy in multiple ways, when treating a variety of anxiety disorders, and with many different therapeutic techniques.
  • Teletherapy with VR works well, and is more convenient for both clients and therapists, because it eliminates travel time, parking hassles, and other concerns about meeting in-person.
  • Motivated clients are actively seeking out therapists who offer VR therapy. For VR teletherapy, clients may need to purchase a smartphone-compatible headset for $50 (or less) so price is usually not a barrier.
  • Teletherapy allows you to attract clients from any geographic area covered by your license, not just people who can come into your office. In fact, your 'office' can be almost anywhere.

You also have an opportunity to help others by providing needle phobia treatment through, a community service founded by Dr. Jocelyn Sze.

This exciting offer includes:

  • Free Needle Phobia Training with Elizabeth McMahon, PhD
  • Free membership in our VR Therapists Community

NOTE: our offer of free access to Amelia Virtual Care/Psious has expired. Please Contact Amelia Virtual Care for current pricing and offers.

Needle phobia treatment combines CBT exposure therapy (including VR exposure therapy), applied muscle tension to prevent fainting, and additional clinical skills such as mindfulness, ACT, self-compassion, and motivational interviewing. VR can help with exposure therapy, skills training, differential diagnosis, and reward/relaxation. Training will cover needle phobia treatment with and without VR.

Instructional objectives for this course include:

  • Describe the four-step treatment for needle/vaccination/injection phobia.
  • Name two advantages of VR exposure over imaginal or in vivo exposure.
  • List two virtual environments used in treating needle phobia.

Our Needle Phobia Training Program includes:

  • Online training in needle phobia treatment including a video lecture by Dr. Elizabeth McMahon and a video demonstrating VR exposure therapy and teletherapy. These will appear in your Library.
  • Membership in our online VR Therapists Community for sharing best practices on VR therapy for a variety of conditions.

In addition, peer support is available from Dr. McMahon. Contact her via her website for details: Contact Dr. McMahon.

This training video uses Psious VR Therapy software--subsequently re-branded as Amelia Virtual Care by XR Health--that includes virtual environments and psychoeducational materials for treating many different conditions, not just needle phobia.  In addition, this VR therapy system can be used for teletherapy where the therapist and client are in different locations and communicate using a video link. For a VR headset, teletherapy clients can use their Android or Apple smartphone and an inexpensive VR headset/holder.


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